The portal was created with the goal of promoting accessible information for users to understand about the position of the scientific community on the issues of antiterrorist activity, its socio-economic aspects, and the effectiveness of the actions of all branches of the Russian government in this area.

Project participants - teachers, employees and students of higher educational institutions of Russia, Russian and foreign experts in the field of countering terrorism - set the task to unite scientists, teachers and students of Russian universities to scientifically counter violence and terror.

The ideology of the proposed Project is based on the formation of a self-developing mechanism of guided scientific discussion. We are firmly convinced that the modern antiterrorist activity of the state is caused by the need to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, and the implementation of measures of antiterrorist activity is a necessary attribute of a modern democratic state.

Within the framework of this Project, we will try to cover all aspects of the problem of the terrorist threat to society, introduce users to the history and theory of terror, scientific and applied research in the field of countering terrorism, Russian and international experience in combating terrorism.

Our Portal provides information support for ongoing and planned scientific competitions and conferences on anti-terrorism topics, including with the participation of representatives of the CIS.

Contact email address scienceport@sfedu.ru





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